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Yorkshire Terrier

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What you should know

Yorkshire Terrier is a HDB approved breed. They can be Black and Tan, Blue and Tan, Black and Gold and Blue and Gold.​ They usually come in 3 sizes: giant (big/large), standard, teacup (small).


They are expected to be very alert dogs that don’t believe they are as small as they really are.

Because of their size, Yorkshire Terriers are especially delicate and should be handled with care. It is advisable not to have them if your household has younger children or even toddlers. 

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are very light shedders. When his hair falls out, it falls back into his coat. So, you'll only see it when you're brushing or bathing him.


Their hair texture is very similar to human hair and can tangle easily. This requires you to brush them often.

Need more information? Arrange an appointment with us, to view and learn more about our available Yorkshire Terriers puppy.

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