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Looking for a

Mini Maltese puppy? 

We have many quality puppies

for sale.

Learn more about the breed to find out if you are a suitable owner.

What you should know

Mini Maltese is a HDB approved breed.

They are usually white, white with lemon, white with tan, white with pale orange, and white with cream.


Maltese are docile dogs who are easygoing and responsive. They are loyal to their owners, and a pleasure to be around.


Maltese is not recommended in a family with young children. Their fragile bone structure makes them rather vulnerable to injuries if handled carelessly by toddlers.

maltese 2.jpeg
Mini maltese

Maltese are light shedders and their coats mat easily and become dirty. In addition, Maltese are prone to unsightly tear stains on their faces.


Gently brush and comb the coat of your Maltese daily, and usually must be bathed weekly. Clean the eyes daily with warm water to prevent tear stains, and wash your Maltese's beard after meals.

Need more information? Arrange an appointment with us, to view and learn more about our available Mini Maltese puppy.

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